Date/Time:  Saturday 5th September, 2020 at 10 am

Location:  Coolabunia Sale Complex, near Kingaroy

Inspections: Inspections are welcome from 3pm Friday, 4th September


Bid Card Registration: The Sale will be conducted using the bid card system. Prospective purchasers are asked to register on the day, prior to the Sale beginning and to nominate their card number when purchasing during the course of the sale. This should ensure accurate identifi cation for the Auctioneer of each purchase. PIC NUMBERS ARE REQUIRED WHEN PURCHASING



All bulls have been treated with a minimum of 3 Germ Blood and 5 in 1 or 7 in 1.  Individual vaccination details will be supplied with their pedigree information

Buyers from Clean Country - all bulls will be pre-scratched the day prior to the sale and will be available for immediate delivery (unless otherwise announced), as there is a clearing dip on site.

Incentives: Free Buyers of 8 or more bulls will be eligible for the following rebates: WA, SA & VIC buyers $75/bull, NT & NSW buyers $75/bull and QLD buyers $50/bull.

Agents’ Rebate: Vendors offer a 2% rebate to outside agents introducing buyers in writing, 48hrs prior to sale, and conducting settlement on their behalf within 7 days of sale. This offer is available to members and non members of the Droughtmaster society. (Sale vendors are excluded from this offer).

Terms: Payment for Purchases are required on sale day unless prior arrangements have been made with the sale agents: Grant, Daniel & Long or Aussie Land & Livestock.

Catering: Food and drinks will be available onsite sale day.

List of Carriers:

Jason Livingstone -  Kingaroy 0408 709 513 (07) 4164 6181

Terry Cross - Kingaroy (07) 4164 4225 0427 778 751

Brian & Gloria Smith - Hivesville (07) 4168 9157 0429 990 213

David Harch -  Wondai (07) 4168 5005 0458 685 007

Jeff Smith ( Carries to Far North with frequent backloads)  - Harlin 0418 771 788

Terry Jackson -  Kingaroy 0400 735 945

The descriptions of the animals including their pedigree and other genetic Information has not been
verified by the Droughtmaster Stud Breeders’ Society Limited, the Bunya Bull Sale Committee, Vendors or
the Selling Agents, unless stated otherwise. Whilst all care is applied in producing this catalogue, industry
experience suggests that up to 4-5% of DNA parent verification tests may have errors. Consequently, the
BUNYA Sale Committee, Vendors and the Selling Agents and their representative(s) do not assume any
responsibility whatsoever for the correctness, use or interpretation of the information on animals included
in this sale catalogue.
The BUNYA Sale Committee, Vendors and the Selling Agents make no warranties about the animals in

relation to disease, ailments or genetic disorders.